29th July 2022


We’ve teamed up with Upparel so we can all work towards reducing landfill & textile waste and benefit the next generation.


For A World That Works. 

Did you know…

Australians purchase 27kg of new textiles each year and then discard around 23kg into landfill—annually. This means that as a country, we’re discarding over 6,000kg of textile and clothing waste every 10 minutes. If we don't act now, by the year 2032 you will be able to cover the entire surface of Australia in disregarded textiles.

It’s time to Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle.

Have 10kg of your old, unwanted clothing collected by UPPAREL for just $25, and receive a $25 Online store credit to spend at Riders By Lee . 

What happens to my unwanted textiles? 
Currently 65% of items that UPPAREL is receiving are in new or fit-for-wear condition and are prepared to be passed onto epic Australian partners, such as Save the Children, Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda Mums and Ready Set Australia. The remaining 35% are assessed for their suitability to be upcycled into new items or recycled into new materials. 

Nothing will end up in landfill. 
By implementing their philosophy of reuse first where possible, then upcycle when necessary, UPPAREL will ensure that nothing is ever sent off-shore or dumped in landfill.

You’ll have a positive impact. 
For every 1kg of textiles you divert from landfill, you’ll be preventing 3-4kg of greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere. 


Riders By Lee x Upparel clothing recycling



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